Being the only chosen startup representing the Netherlands, THX Network may take on the responsibility of showing the other teams around.

THX Network joins Techstars Accelerator, the next step to success for this passionate startup

Using tokens to reward community members for a variety of acts can boost community engagement swiftly and efficiently. Consider offering users rewards for completing their profiles and letting your subscribers use their earned tokens to purchase premium content.

This provides your community with a better user experience, boosting engagement and retention.

According to THX Network, in ten years, having digital assets to do just this will be as common as having a website.But there is an issue; producing digital assets, tokens in particular, is difficult. Finding developers is really difficult and costly, and utilizing tokens is a poor experience overall.

The software-as-a-service offered by THX Network solutions makes it simple to launch digital assets; No code is necessary while creating your asset in the THX dashboard, you can use their API and the whitelabel wallet to onboard all your users!

Most ERC-20 tokens can be distributed on Polygon by utilizing the THX Network architecture. Transaction costs are covered by their gas station, enabling your consumers to communicate swiftly and without cost. Manage community awards, referral and signup rewards, and much more on Discord or Slack.

THX Joining Techstars Accelerator in Amsterdam
The sole Dutch business to participate in Techstars' esteemed Future of Finance Accelerator 2022 is THX Network. ABN AMRO-backed program chooses entrepreneurs to build the cutting-edge infrastructure for the financial sector in the digital era.

The creators of THX Network will begin working closely with mentors from Techstars and ABN AMRO in Amsterdam in mid-September to advance their product, leading up to a demo day in early December.

Techstars is a global network that supports business growth. With more than 3.000 firms having completed their 90-day accelerator programs successfully. They announced the ten startups joining the Future of Finance Accelerator on September 20, 2022. Amsterdam welcomes a broad mix of founders with businesses originating from the UK to Estonia. Being the only chosen startup representing the Netherlands, THX Network may take on the responsibility of showing the other teams around.

It is no surprise that the Future of Finance Accelerator will be held in the Dutch capital, one of Europe's top financial hubs with a long history of financial innovation. This Dutch passion for invention is being applied to the blockchain via THX Network. They have created tools that let their clients use blockchain technology in fresh, creative ways. By eliminating the need for expensive in-house development, their user-friendly software makes launching digital assets simple, quick, and affordable, enabling businesses and creators to participate in the web3 revolution.

Along with applying their expertise, Techstars invests money in the firms who take part in the accelerator program. The US-based business has financed more than 1900 businesses since 2006. But being accepted into one of their accelerator programs is no easy accomplishment with an acceptance rate of between 1% to 2%. Techstars accepts more than 300 startups each year and invests up to $120,000 in each of them.

The timing of the Techstars program is perfect. We’re fine-tuning our product and are launching our first business cases. I expect the mentoring sessions to be tough but the decades of experience the mentors bring will only make us stronger!” - Mieszko Czyzyk, CEO THX Network

We’ve been closely following THX Network and we really like what they are doing, this was no surprise to us as we know the team is doing something huge that will push the industry forward while pioneering the Web3 adoption for creators and business owners worldwide.
If you haven’t heard of THX Network, it’s time to start looking into it, whether you are a simple blockchain user or a project owner, getting something done with the THX Network platform would push you light years into the future leaving only stardust behind.

Project Links:
Website - https://thx.network/
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/TzbbSmkE7Y
Twitter - https://twitter.com/thxprotocol
Github - https://github.com/thxprotocol
Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/company/thxprotocol/
Medium - https://medium.com/thxprotocol

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 19, 2022