Imagine going to your preferred restaurant every weekend, and instead of a VIP or fidelity card, you just scan your app and get custom rewards from the restaurant owner or the Chef himself!

THX Network - Mixing NFTs with community engagement made simple!

A new way to engage
You might know NFT's mainly as investment objects or digital art, like the Bored Ape Club NFTs. But that's not all these non-fungible tokens can be used for. Based on the NFTs that users hold in their THX Network wallets, projects can interact with and reward their community members with exclusive material, experiences, or utility using the smart tools that the THX Network offers.

Consider that you want to encourage offline event attendance and thank your devoted followers for attending. You want to produce an NFT that users can only redeem during the offline event and create an exclusive NFT owner-only pre-registration area on your website for a future meeting, enabling your engaged community members to once more acquire a front-row seat.

Unite on- and offline by giving out collectibles that, after the event, give access to (i.e.) exclusive content for attendees.

Meaningful fully owned Digital Rewards
We live in an era where people look to share their memories and achievements everywhere they can, as much as possible. Not long ago Facebook users would share their location at various events and places they would visit, THX Network is taking this idea and evolving it through sheer innovation to the next level. With the advent of Web3 and NFTs, people can own their experiences while being even closer to their favorite artist or even restaurant. Project owners can encourage engagement by rewarding active users with NFT's, like unlocking an achievement that gives certain benefits.

Reward users with NFT’s based on their interactions with your platform or community.

The team behind THX Network emphasizes how rewards don’t always have to be of monetary value. Strengthening the bond between loyal customers and creators, athletes and project owners through  NFTs provides value on its own This takes the whole collectibles and memorabilia scene to the next level as Web3 starts to become commonplace in people's lives, the lines between physical and digital begin to blur as ownership of such goods will finally be legitimized (by being directly distributed by the artists, athletes and project owners).

Imagine going to your preferred restaurant every weekend, and instead of a VIP or fidelity card, you just scan your app and get custom rewards from the restaurant owner or the Chef himself! It could range from a cool Roasted Chicken NFT to your favorite Ice Cream dessert all stylized and share-able on the go through all the platforms of your liking. Now that is a way to impress your friends!

The THX Network development team gives project owners all the tools necessary to interact with their customers. In their documentation they’ve published various tutorial videos on how to create NFT’s, mint a NFT collection and set up links that enable community members to claim their rewards. As a token of THX Network’s appreciation for reading this article, the first 20 people to click this link will be able to claim a 50 $THX reward in their THX Network wallet!

We think NFTs should not only be subject to internet drama or controversies, but a way for everyone to freely express themselves. This is made possible with THX Network by creating true palpable engagement between creators, artists, athletes, project owners etc. and their fans and communities. As a fact, it shouldn’t always revolve around revenue, investments or projected values, the most important things often lie in the fun we had, the experiences we lived and the connections we created as individuals!

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Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jul 23, 2022