The Tigris development team ensures Reliable Prices as in the asset price is fixed the moment you click the "Open Trade" button. This implies that prices never fluctuate.

Tigris Trade - Innovative Trading through NFT Empowered Systems

Tigris is a market leader in the usage of NFT-based open positions, resulting in a more intelligent and trustworthy trading environment that is available to anyone. With Tigris, you may instantly settle trades at assured spot prices, pay minimal fees, and engage with your open positions like NFTs.

Tigris Trade has a simple fee structure, 0.1% for Opening or Closing a trade which can be lowered to 0.09% if referred. The protocol offers variable funding rates with no spread or price impact.

Additionally, the project has many benefits such as: No price slippage, Zero settlement time, Add margin, Partially close positions, Guaranteed limit order price, Guaranteed stop loss price, Guaranteed take profit price and more!

The most mind blowing Oracle system
A Distributed Signature-Based Oracle Network that retrieves and compiles current CEX spot market prices is used to value assets. All asset prices and other relevant data are logged by the Oracle nodes, which are connected to the Internet Computer, and stored in a canister that can be read and used by Tigris.

The asset related data consists of asset prices, timestamps, node addresses, market open/close status and Oracle-signed version of all data.

Price data and signatures are read from the canister at trade placement and then placed in the input parameters, where the validity of the data and the signatures are checked on-chain.

The Tigris development team ensures Reliable Prices as in the asset price is fixed the moment you click the "Open Trade" button. This implies that prices never fluctuate.

They also ensure Instant Order Execution, meaning all orders are quickly performed in only one transaction, therefore there is no need to wait for settlement at all, in contrast to conventional oracle callback solutions that demand at least two transactions (one for placing an order, the other for settlement).
Additionally, the trader's choice of blockchain is the sole factor that can affect how quickly the platform operates.

Tigris Stablecoins and StableVault
The native stablecoins of Tigris are backed by a basket of similar assets and pegged to a currency. They have a stable peg because they may be redeemed 1:1 for any asset in their separate StableVaults. The goal of the stablecoins is to constantly have very high collateralization.

The StableVault's objective is to enable the usage of many tokens of the same sort (such as USDC/DAI/USDT) for trading on Tigris without dividing the liquidity into various separate pools.

When a user opens a trade on Tigris, the margin is immediately deposited into the StableVault that supports it. When a deal is closed, if the trader decides to receive a non-native stablecoin, the margin is withdrawn from the StableVault.

Any listed stablecoin can be deposited by users into a StableVault in exchange for a 1:1 tigAsset and any listed asset can be withdrawn by users using tigAsset at a 1:1 ratio from its associated StableVault.

Tigris Governance and NFTs
Tigris Governance NFT owners are in charge of the protocol. On-chain governance may eventually replace the Snapshot platform, where voting is presently conducted. Discussions about current and forthcoming proposals take place in the Governance channel on the official Discord server.

Holders of NFTs receive real-time payouts of trading fee profits. Holders of governance NFTs merely need to keep them in their wallets in order to earn; they are not required to stake them. You can submit a claim for earned fees on the Tigris website or by using the Governance NFT contract directly. Rewards are distributed using Tigris stablecoins.

For bridging NFTs, Tigris has integrated LayerZero.
The holders of Governance NFTs receive a full payout of market trading fees. Limit orders generate 80% of the trading fees that Governance NFT holders get, with the remaining 20% used to reward successful executions.

Project Links:
Website - https://www.tigris.trade/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/tigristrades
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/HkUVgx5rWg

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Aug 7, 2022