Join the WARP Alliance today and form a long term constructive partnership with the best, most ambitious GameFi and DeFi protocols!

Warp Alliance is one of the greatest initiatives in the GameFi sector!

Are you looking to WARP in?
WARP can provide your community access to something they will be proud of, a custom Starship Series made after your community or brand that they can utilize to navigate the metaverse, through WARP’s distinctive whitelist contest website and bespoke NFT Starships.
In the warp metaverse, these Starships are valuable commodities. Having a personalized 1/1 starship made just for your brand and artwork makes them genuinely unique and something to be proud of for your community!

It is completely free. There are no fees associated with customized ships.

It's a win-win circumstance. You provide your community with the opportunity to receive a valuable bonus Spaceship to aid them in entering the WARP metaverse, and WARP expands as a project thanks to your devoted and enthusiastic community. Every project succeeds.

What are the benefits of being partnered with WARP?

WARP Partners community is built on established communities and is designed to be an extension of your community. Get access to AMAs and fireside chats to talk about your project. Our ecosystem allows easy scalability to integrate features of your project. Talk to us and we can find synergies to incorporate elements of your project in our ecosystem when we launch new seasons or even a mid-season update. With the launch of season 2, we would love to give whitelist spots to your community as well as give them an opportunity in taking part in the token presales.

During the campaign window, all we ask is that we do a mutual tweet, post on Telegram, and Discord about the WARP collaboration. WARP will also blog about the partnership, make announcements about your project, and much more!

You will receive access to a special channel on the WARP Discord as a WARP partner, where you may communicate with their team and organize activities between your communities.

Your community's contest landing page will be linked to on the official WARP website, where you will be acknowledged as ally/partner. If you'd want to post your own partnership information, you'll have access to the WARP branding and logo materials.

The WARP crew will be ready to participate in a town hall discussion on WARP on your Discord, Telegram, or Twitter accounts. They will showcase WARP to your community, display the unique Starships, and allow people to participate by asking questions or in other ways.

WARP will assign additional Starship NFTs to members of your team as a thank you for being a WARP partner, if you desire. The best features of WARP will be available to your team at launch in your own unique Starships, but these Starships won't be transferable or sellable (unlike your other branded community Starships).

Would you like to introduce WARP Starships or Tokens into your metaverse? The WARP Team is  ready for lightspeed integration and are creating a shared universe where their Starships, which are rendered as 3D objects, can all be exported as models and used with various platforms.

The foundation of any partnership is cooperation. Cool concepts? We all agree. Find out additional ways to cross-promote by contacting the WARP Team.

Just launched your project and are looking to grow your community? Join them as a WARP ALLY.
Join the WARP Alliance today and form a long term constructive partnership with the best, most ambitious GameFi and DeFi protocols!

Collaborations and partnerships are imperative to form tightly knit investor communities across the metaverse and beyond.

If you want to get Whitelisted for the upcoming Season 2 of WARP, join the latest WARP GAME GIVEAWAY!

Project Links:
Website - https://warp.game/
Discord - https://discord.gg/warpbond
Twitter - https://twitter.com/warpbond
Telegram - https://t.me/warpbond
Gitbook - https://gitbook.warp.bond/

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jul 17, 2022