The WARP Team efforts are tireless as they seek to expand their product on various high quality platforms and chains. This official partnership will benefit gamers greatly as the Myria Chain architecture is specially created for games.

Warp GAME Launching on Myria Chain, Season 2 Website Upgrade and Whitelist Spots!

The WARP Game development team has been really busy working on the new Season 2 Dashboard and Website remake. The upgraded interface features an Interactive Map as a main dashboard component where users will be able to benefit from the increasing amount of activities created and launched by the devs.

A demo has been released for the Website which you can access here: https://demo.warp.game/

The Battle Arena
In the Battle Arena for example, you can send your ships to engage in combat with other starships! Do not worry about your ship's safety; all battle damage is modest and is intended to push your starship's Battle AI to its limit. Take the controls and fight in the Advanced Battle mode, where you choose your ship's attack and defense tactics in turn-based combat, or leave your ship to fend for itself in the Autobattle Mode where the winner is decided in seconds!

You'll have the chance to gain $WARP tokens and boost your ship's EXP, giving you an advantage in upcoming encounters. Fight to hold onto the top spot on the weekly leaderboard, where additional rewards will be distributed.


The Galactic Bank
All commerce in Primus Spaceport is centered here. You can add and remove $WARP tokens to and from the spaceport using the Galactic Bank interface. Your tokens are kept at the Bank, where you can use them throughout Primus Spaceport. For simple access to exchanges and DeFi protocols, you can withdraw your tokens for free to any of WARP's blockchain networks.

Free WARP credits are earned by every WARP Spaceship and can be redeemed once daily at the Galactic Bank. These tokens, which Primus City designed as incentives to entice Starship Captains to the system, have proven to be highly successful in generating income to sustain the spaceport's expanding economy. A good motivation to upgrade ships at the Hangar is that stronger starships earn more daily $WARP credits!

Upgrade Parts, Gems, Rocks, and other WARP NFTs can be delivered from Primus Spaceport to any of WARP's blockchain networks for resale in NFT marketplaces. The Galactic Bank also manages all imports and exports.

These are just 2 out of many examples of how the WARP Development Team has integrated cohesive and immersive lore into the upcoming Season 2 remake of the WARP Ecosystem!
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With a great Project, comes a great Whitelisting
1000 Season 2 Starship NFT Whitelists are being distributed by WARP.

You can acquire your own Starship and cruise the cosmos at warp speed in pursuit of new games, new features, and new ecosystems in an ever-expanding multiverse by just signing up for our whitelist. Seven days before the mint date which will be sometime in September, a random drawing will be held to determine the winners from among all participants.

Join https://warpcountdown.com/ and enter the Whitelist Giveaway for a chance to get your own outstanding NFTs!

Additionally make sure to follow WARP on all social media to directly win NFTs and Whitelist spots.

WARP is launching on the Myria Chain
The Myriaverse metaverse and blockchain gaming hub are both components of the vast Myria blockchain gaming ecosystem, which is supported by a full range of Myria infrastructure. Additionally, Myria will provide B2B services to let independent developers and studios join the Myria network.

The WARP Team efforts are tireless as they seek to expand their product on various high quality platforms and chains. This official partnership will benefit gamers greatly as the Myria Chain architecture is specially created for games.

We have some insider information that on top of launching on this new chain, WARP is going to integrate with gDEX Metaverse to create a special Guild Interface (as we have written before) with even more features and simplicity to connect players together.

We think there’s a sense of urgency when it comes to joining WARP Season 2, the project is ambitious, the team is highly skilled and prepared. The amount of work they have put for the launch of this new season is tremendous and the list of features keeps growing by the day.


In the Blockchain and Crypto space we rarely find a protocol that seeks to achieve greatness, and WARP Game is truly one of them, sitting at the top waiting to unfold into a massive multiplayer game where having FUN and making friends is paramount.

Join the Whitelist today and get your Spaceship NFT at a discount for 150$!

Project Links:
Website - https://warp.game/
Discord - https://discord.gg/warpbond
Twitter - https://twitter.com/warpbond
Telegram - https://t.me/warpbond
Gitbook - https://warp-bonds.gitbook.io/
WHITELIST - https://warpcountdown.com/

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Aug 14, 2022