WARP is giving away 1000 Season 2 Starship NFT Whitelists. WARP is aiming to launch SEASON 2 on the 30th of November

Warp Game Season 2 - Starter information and Cheat Sheet

A state-of-the-art WEB2.5 architecture, fully deflationary tokenomics, and regulated supply will be introduced in Season 2 to allow for seamless interactions between players on all connected chains. Some of the new game modes in the WARP Ecosystem include a battle game, racing game, space expeditions and mini-games at the galactic club.

All of this will be accessible on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Ethereum, and Avalanche.

How to be successful right from the beginning?
Incentives are plenty as the WARP Team has unparalleled experience with Game Design and Play to Earn. The developers created an AAA+ GameFi ecosystem for players and investors to use and interact with in multiple ways.

On launch day, everyone should upgrade their Starships as much as possible to take advantage of the high return on investment but also to strengthen their stats in order to take on more noteworthy enemies and players, as well as travel further into deep space. Daily Credits are an important part of the whole WARP Season 2 Ecosystem. The stronger and the more starships you own, the more daily credits you earn, which contribute to an improved ROI.

Staking is another important aspect of Season 2, players will have the choice to provide Liquidity and earn respectable APYs on multiple platforms.

Every day, every hour, every moment you can choose to play the WARP Season 2 games and participate in activities such as PvP, where you fight other player’s Spaceships for experience and WARP Credits rewards, PvE where you beat bosses to get rewards, Races and Expeditions!

Succeed through Experience
As in all RPGs (Role Playing Games), the more experience and the better your level, the better the foes you can fight, and better rewards are given to you. This is common sense, and it has been very well transposed into the WARP Ecosystem. The ideal scenario is to have lots of Starships that you tend to every day, which deliver you passive and active income.

It’s imperative to keep in mind that the WARP Season 2 has been developed with the utmost innovation, cutting-edge technology and AAA quality in mind and in practice.

In an ever-evolving universe, you can own your own Starship and fly through space at warp speed in search of glory. The Season 2 comes with cutting-edge features, games, and intricate yet user-friendly systems.

WARP is giving away 1000 Season 2 Starship NFT Whitelists.

WARP is aiming to launch SEASON 2 on the 30th of November

Project Links
Website - https://warp.game/
Discord - https://discord.gg/warpbond
Twitter - https://twitter.com/warpbond
Telegram - https://t.me/warpbond
Gitbook - https://warp-bonds.gitbook.io/
WHITELIST - https://warpcountdown.com/

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 4, 2022