WARP is giving away 1000 Season 2 Starship NFT Whitelists. The winners will be chosen at random from all participants seven days prior to the mint date, which will be somewhere in September.

WARP Season 2 Alpha Launch - Marvelous, Engaging, Technological

We have recently been given access to the official ALPHA Update, which the WARP Game development team has been working extremely hard to complete. Users will be able to take advantage of the growing number of activities generated and released by the developers thanks to the improved interface, which includes an Interactive Map as its major dashboard component.

First, we have to say that what surprised us the most, was how smooth everything really is. For an animated 3D Interactive map, the loading times are almost non-existent and the transition between every building (page) is done seamlessly with a triple A cinematic experience. The graphics fidelity and attention to detail remind me of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, if you remember that game, you know it was a technological marvel for that time, and WARP Season 2 Alpha just doesn’t let our expectations down either.

The Factory/Shipyard
We went over to the Factory, that’s where all the Spaceship magic happens, and we were greeted by a massive hangar where you can choose which NFT you want to mint with an in-built calculator showing how much revenue you will earn daily based on the Spaceship class.

Once we have chosen our NFT, we just minted it (for testing purposes) and it was surprising to see how simple and streamlined this process was, akin to the Galactic Terminal in No Man's Sky. Did we already mention how beautiful and detailed the Starships look? Yes? We will repeat this over and over again, because oh boy in our years of gaming we haven’t seen spacecrafts look this good, I’m looking at you Normandy! You should’ve looked better.

The Battle Arena
While we can’t yet show you how cool the battle aspect is, we can tell you that you can send your spacecraft into battle with other starships, for instance, in the Battle Arena! You should not be concerned about the safety of your spacecraft; all battle damage is minimal and is only intended to strain your starship's Battle AI.  

Take the reins and engage in turn-based warfare in the Advanced Battle mode, where you may choose your ship's attack and defense strategies, or let your ship fight on its own in the Autobattle Mode, where the winner is determined in a matter of seconds! Gaining $WARP tokens and increasing your ship's EXP will provide you an advantage in subsequent encounters.

Hold on to the top spot on the scoreboard for the week, where more awards will be given out.

This Alpha Testing brought back memories from a few years ago, giving me a new sense of discovery akin to when I would play Mass Effect or even Warhammer Inquisitor!
Everything is smooth, the user experience is currently in my opinion unparalleled by any other project currently in the Blockspace, and I am left wanting MORE!

Oh and, the WARP team leaked this transition video recently, hope your mind is as blown as ours.


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WARP is giving away 1000 Season 2 Starship NFT Whitelists. The winners will be chosen at random from all participants seven days prior to the mint date, which will be somewhere in September.

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Written By

Petrache Ionut

Sep 13, 2022