“What’s in it for me?” a prospective Chad may ask. Bounties range from $10 for memes to $500 for management roles, with no limits on the amount you can claim. The Mediumarticle outlines the many perks of partnering with ØVIX as a Chad.


Why Joining the ØVIX Chad Program Just Makes Sense
By The Matic Man

Are you interested in becoming a “cool visionary” and a “financial freedomist”?

These are terms used by “Michael” to describe members of a unique program developed by a new entry into the Web3 DeFi space.

The Polygon network recently reached a milestone of 20,000 dApps deployed on their platform, and standing out among this plethora of Polygon projects is ØVIX, an up-and-coming star in the DeFi universe. The ØVIX protocol was covered in-depth in a recent article on MATICNEWS (https://www.maticnews.com/posts/0vix-vetokenomics-next-level-polygon), so I want to focus attention on the unsung heroes behind the scenes of ØVIX’s rapid rise up the DeFi ladder, the ØVIX Chads.

What exactly is an ØVIX Chad? The answer is found in an article by ØVIX on Medium introducing the Chad program.

“Come meet the whole 0VIX Chad family – a group of highly motivated, goal-driven blockchain and DeFi enthusiasts located in different parts of the globe and all united by the same passion: supporting the growth of the 0VIX protocol to become the leading money-market protocol on Polygon. The Chads family has 4 key roles: ØVIX Chads, Mega Chads, Ninja Chads and Alpha Chads – each one carrying particular responsibilities, perks,and benefits.”

The entry level role for the Chads program is the role of an ØVIX Chad. This important group is like the foot soldiers on the front lines, and the battle for DeFi dominance cannot be won without their tireless efforts. The Chads move the project forward by spreading the word about ØVIX. They engage with the Web3 community through retweets of material from Mega Chads and also through creating original tweets and threads. They support the Alpha and Ninja Chads by providing valuable input and feedback and offer suggestions on how to grow the community. For their efforts, they earn bounties, participate in airdrops, and have the opportunity for promotion.

How can you become an ØVIX Chad? The process is straightforward and clearly spelled out in the ØVIX Discord (https://discord.gg/9KC6JCsD). The first step is to join the ØVIX family on Discord. There is an application form on the Discord that needs to be completed. The application is reviewed and, if accepted into the program, you are invited to begin as a Junior Chad. After an onboarding session, you will be given a list of tasks to complete. After completing these tasks, you begin your journey as an ØVIX Chad, earning rewards for your labor.

The Mega Chad role is typically designed for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and influencers who have larger followings, but it is not limited to that. The Medium article stated, “Becoming a Mega Chad has one condition: on top of what you’d do as 0VIX Chad, you will connect with your community and achieve great engagement on all your content.” Their role is to provide quality content that engages their community and has the potential to go viral.

Narb (@NarbTrading) is one of the leading influencers in the Polygon space, and he has done an exceptional job as a Mega Chad. He is thrilled to be part of this exciting group. “The Chads are an energetic group who are dedicated to helping ØVIX grow. It’s awesome to be a part of such an innovative project with a great team behind it!”

The next group is considered to be the foundation of the Chads, Ninja Chads. To be considered for this role, you begin as a Chad and prove yourself to be a hardworking, trustworthy individual with high ethical standards. True to their names, Ninja Chads work behind the scenes, in the shadows, creating new connections and ensuring that high ethical standards are maintained. A perk of being a Ninja Chad as opposed to a Mega Chad or an Alpha Chad is that you can still participate in Activity Farming.

“Kleist” is a perfect example of what it takes to become a Ninja Chad. Beginning as a Chad, his work ethic, integrity, and team spirit quickly set him apart, leading to his promotion. He spoke about what it means to him to be an ØVIX Chad. “The ØVIX Chads team cares about having a big and strong community, to cooperate with, and to build with. In crypto, the community is a very important structure to keep the project healthy, and that's why I can feel the great vision of the team. It offers very generous rewards from the Activity farming, and this will surely help a lot of community members to cover their loss during the bear market. Cooperating as a community, we can feel that we are not alone.”

“Wizard of Old,” another Ninja Chad, also lauded the comradery characteristic of the Chads. “The Chads program gave me a community I could proudly identify with, learn from, and contribute positively towards the growth of the protocol.”

At the top of the leadership pyramid are the Alpha Chads, highly motivated self-starters whose visionary leadership is vital to the success of the Chads program. Their work ethic is par excellence, and they have a burning desire to see ØVIX become the leading DeFi project on the Polygon network. The Alpha Chads mentor other Chads, working closely, especially with the Ninja Chads, to push the project forward.

The Web3 world has no geographical boundaries, and the ØVIX Chads features members from literally every corner of the globe. The article began with some quotes from “Michael,” a Ninja Chad from Nigeria. He expressed his excitement about being on this team. “The Chads are the coolest visionaries and are ‘financial freedomists’ who are ready to spare their time and talents to make ØVIX protocol the best DeFi lending platform on Polygon. They are the coolest visionaries because they believe in the vision of ØVIX and the problems ØVIX is trying to solve, and they are financial freedomists because they know they can earn more income while doing what they love as an ØVIX Chad.”

Not only is the ØVIX Chads program global, it is also inclusive. For some, the term “Chad” conjures up images of “Alpha males,” but the ØVIX Chads program is not by any means an exclusive, all-boys’ club. Some of the most effective Chads in the program are female, and the ØVIX Chads pride themselves on their diverse demographics. Enebeli Victoria, one of the ladies who has become an instrumental member of the team, commented on the impact the program has made on her. “I was so impressed that I joined the ØVIX Chads Ambassador Program, which has obviously been awesome. Contributing and being part of this wonderful protocol with great potential and a vastly growing community is one thing I would never trade for another.”

“What’s in it for me?” a prospective Chad may ask. Bounties range from $10 for memes to $500 for management roles, with no limits on the amount you can claim. The Medium article outlines the many perks of partnering with ØVIX as a Chad.

Benefits of being part of the Chad Family

  • Your contributions become your legacy. All while reaping the rewards of associating with a leading DeFi protocol.
  • Courses: get the required knowledge with regular course enrollment to further develop your skills.
  • Hall Of Fame: Get the chance to have some of your works inducted into the 0VIX hall of Fame
  • Company Swag: Get rewarded with cool company swag like T-shirts, Hoods, etc, and show off the power of 0VIX!
  • Priority Access: Access product updates, industry-leading research, and much more. Before everyone else.
  • Network: Build your own network of crypto degens. Exchange ideas, memes, and leave behind a legacy.
  • Lead: Build and foster the 0VIX community. Educate and empower a new era of DeFi users.
  • Rewards: Base rewards, Performance Rewards, and Bonus Rewards for Chads upon meeting the minimum KPIs.

“Retro” is another Ninja Chad, and he offered this spot-on summary of the Chads’ program.

“In crypto, community is everything.  Especially in a bear market, when there is plenty to be upset about, it’s these communities that help each other through the tough times. ØVIX Protocol has done an amazing job of building a strong community of DeFi advocates called ØVIX Chads. These Chads help promote the benefits of 0VIX, facilitate on-boarding of crypto newbies, answer questions from the community about DeFi or crypto at large, and generally just encourage each other. ØVIX has also set up the Chad program with bounties so that you can make a little bit of money while doing what you love. Come check us out!”

Update: Due to the overwhelming response that has seen a rapid increase in applications for the Chads Program, no new applications are being accepted until the leadership team is able to sort through all of those already submitted. Please follow the official ØVIX Chads Twitter account (@Ovix_chads) for updated information as to when new applications will be accepted.

Learn about 0VIX: https://buff.ly/3sG5KmK
Learn about Bounties: https://buff.ly/3G0AAvW
Join ØVIX Discord: https://buff.ly/3LVJwVv

Written By

The Matic Man

Jul 4, 2022