WinGoal will officially launch on the 21/11/2022!

WinGoal - The World Cup SuperApp is hosting a Carnival with $1M+ USD Prizes

The FIFA World Cup is coming real soon and there are a lot of quality Web3.0 projects launching recently to celebrate the biggest event in 2022. One of the projects that catches our eyes and stands out is WinGoal. Not only does it closely integrate with the World Cup, it also aims to solve major problems currently plaguing GameFi and Web3.0.

What is WinGoal

WinGoal is the first free-to-play Web3.0 Decentralized App bringing FIFA World Cup from Web2.0 to Web3.0. It is built on Polygon and powered by Opta - World leaders in sports data.

There are 4 elements in WinGoal: World Cup Soccer Gaming, Real-Time Predictions, Reality Sports and Live Match Streaming.

WinGoal is a soccer SuperApp! A one-stop-shop for soccer fans worldwide to game, sport, predict and watch soccer.


New Tokenomics - WinGoal proposes 2 new tokenomics - Burn-to-earn and Win-to-earn.

In Burn-to-earn, players participate in real-life sports to burn calories, and WinGoal will burn its in-game tokens accordingly.

In Win-to-earn, players make real-time World Cup predictions that impact their gameplay.

Combating Ponzi - With Win-to-earn, players participate in World Cup predictions, where winners will earn from losers, the source of earnings no longer only come from minting new tokens!Together with ads integration, external source of earnings will ensure in-game inflation is controlled!

Connecting with reality - WinGoal connects with reality by incorporating with the new tokenomics above. Beyond tokenomics, WinGoal leverages live Opta data performance feeds that impact WinGoal's NFTs directly, via Idol System in WinGoal.

Acquiring Players - Not only WinGoal is free-to-play at heart, for spenders, price points are comfortably designed to fit budgets of all kinds! By supporting Google Pay and Apple Pay, WinGoal allows players to buy currency packs in-game, thereby attracting players from Web2.0 into Web3.0 and promoting mass adoption of crypto.

Celebrating the World Cup - To celebrate WinGoal launching together with the World Cup, a World Cup Carnival will be co-hosted from 17-19th of Nov, together with KuCoin and YGG SEA. https://marketplace.wingoal.io/activities/worldCup

$1M+ USD prize pools including BTCs and famous NFTs to be split! Join the Carnival by registering a WinGoal account ! WinGoal is invitation-only: Get your invitation code in WinGoal's Discord Channel, or during the Carnival on WinGoal's registration page!

Special Highlights

Winning Program - Winning Program is the referral bonus program for WinGoal. Introduce a free-to-play game to your followers and friends - Earn your bonus and dividends daily. By doing the same, they can make money from it, and you will make even more! Learn more about Winning Program here and monetize your influences & connections daily!

Winning Whitepaper - https://metaland-2.gitbook.io/winning-program

Winning Video Summary

WinGoal and Winning Program is invitation-only, get your referral codes in WinGoal's Discord Channel https://discord.gg/JRnPWNYcBZ or during the Carnival on the registration page!

Milestones Achieved

WinGoal NFT Free-Minting: 20,000 WinGoal NFTs minted with 24 collaborators in total.

Winning Program: 20,000 + Winners already registered in 2 weeks!

Beta - 09/Nov/2022 - 13/Nov/2022 : 4000 players from over 100 countries participated!Considering the BETA was on android only! Real Launch will support both IOS and Android!

Happening Now

Going to the World Cup with DoctorePoLLo- WinGoal has partnered with DoctorePollo, the famous soccer influencer with over 4M+ followers, to become WinGoal super ambassador. WinGoal sponsors DoctorePollo to Qatar for the World Cup and generating amazing soccer contents for all fans! More exciting events await! Follow DoctorePoLLo World Cup journey with WinGoal in Qatar! https://www.youtube.com/user/DoctorePoLLo

KuCoin x YGG SEA X WinGoal World Cup Carnival - In celebration with the WinGoal official launch, WinGoal has partnered with KuCoin and YGGSEA and in collaboration with Polygon Studio, in hosting the World Cup Carnival from the 17/11/2022 10:00 AM UTC - 20/22/2022 10:00 AM UTC https://marketplace.wingoal.io/activities/worldCup

The Carnival is titled "World Cup meets KuCoin in Web3.0, Shoot to Win Goal - $1M+ in 3 days" where all participants will have a chance to split a prize pool of $1M+ USD, including BTCs, famous NFTs collections such as MAYC, Doodle and Azuki for Web3.0 fans, and for Web2.0 soccer enthusiasts? Football jerseys, cleats as well as World Cup tickets await!

World Cup Carnival begins with a 80,000 $MLS Airdrop on 17/11/2022 at 10:00AM UTC

Complete social tasks on gleam in order to win $MLS prizes during the Carnival https://gleam.io/yJ9jg/80000-mls-airdrops

A total of 13,100 winners will be picked, where the first 100 winners will be ranked according to gleam scores. Top 100 winners will divide 15,000 $MLS according to their rankings.

The rest of 13,000 winners will divide the remaining 65,000 $MLS equally.

What is $MLS?
$MLS stands for MetaLand Shares and it is the governance token of WinGoal. $MLS is the platform token for Metaland, the developer behind WinGoal.
$MLS is used across all games developed by Metaland.

Recent price action of $MLS has been going strong. Interested readers check it out here!

Learn more about the 4 Events in the World Cup Carnival here!

Looking Forward

1.      WinGoal NFT Pre-sale - WinGoal will organise an NFT Presale on their official website 19/11/2022 12:00 PM - 16:00 PM(UTC +0)  : https://marketplace.wingoal-metaland.io/ 1,500 WinGoal NFTs Card Pack will be available to purchase first come, first served at a pre-sale price of 30 USDC (Max 10 NFTs per person). An increase in chances for higher rarities as well as a bonus of 10,000 W Coins for every NFT card drawn!

2.     WinGoal Game Tokens Listing - WinGoal will list its in-game tokens on Quickswap, one of the largest DEXes on Polygon. Both $WT (WinGoal Tokens) and $SWT(Super WinGoal Tokens) will be listed with liquidity injections on the 18/11/2022. Interested players can use the following addresses to search for the Tokens on Quickswap before whitelisting:

WT: 0x72B6A3155EF6C5a6222f2f946A03E3f3Fd991E3c

SWT: 0x9D2Aa8B9Cd32fe46F4E177F49871518D942B1E47

Tokens whitelisting and a syrup pool worth 30K USDin $WT rewards will be available from 20/11/2022. Follow WinGoal's Twitter for more details!

3. WinGoal will officially launch on the 21/11/2022!


WinGoal is indeed one of the most awaited DApp in 2022. Let WinGoal brings all soccer fans worldwide from Web2.0 to Web3.0 in this World Cup! We are highly excited about the World Cup Carnival with KuCoin, YGG SEA and WinGoal! Can't wait to try my luck on MAYC!

This article was written by Stevie Bernard Ng and provided by Metaland Technology Foundation

Learn more:

Join the World Cup Carnival Now! https://marketplace.wingoal.io/activities/worldCup

Website - https://www.wingoal-metaland.io

WinGoal Whitepaper - https://metaland-2.gitbook.io/wingoal/

Winning Whitepaper - https://metaland-2.gitbook.io/winning-program/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/WinGoalNFT

Discord - https://discord.com/invite/metaland-wingoal

Linktree - https://linktr.ee/wingoal

Written By

Stevie Bernard Ng

Nov 16, 2022