WoWMax is not a fork, and is built with cutting-edge technological and innovative ideas.

WoWMax - 3 Billion Dollars Liquidity Migration Program

The WoWMaX team has implemented the world's most effective DEX aggregation and arbitrage algorithm. If you swap tokens through 1Inch, 0x/Matcha, Paraswap, or any Uniswap V2 fork, such as Pancakeswap, Sushiswap or Trader Joe, you will definitely get fewer tokens than WoWMaX would.

The world's most effective DEX aggregation and arbitrage algorithm can be accessed here:


What is the plan?
To promote WoWMaX, the team created a 10-day liquidity migration program to transfer liquidity from the outdated Pancakeswap.finance protocol to its audited copy, monkeyswap.exchange. WoWMaX will then aggregate and arbitrage the liquidity to produce better swap rates for traders and higher APYs for liquidity providers.

WoWMaX is utilizing routing strategies for the first time ever in order to minimize slippage, offer the best pricing, and engage in arbitrage for traders that reside on the Binance Smart Chain. For any meaningful trade, WoWMaX is much more efficient than Pancakeswap.

WoWMaX distributes extra tokens by arbitraging third-party tokens swapped both to BNB and to stablecoins in order to compensate for BNB's slippage in large swaps.

The differences between PancakeSwap and WoWMax
PancakeSwap swaps via direct token pair or multi-hop route can’t split a transaction among multiple routes while WoWMax does this far more efficiently and simply more rewarding to traders. PancakeSwap doesn’t aggregate other DEXs liquidity while WoWMax aggregates all liquidity from UNI V2 and soon V3.

Pancake can’t arbitrage tokens due to BNB slippage, while WoWMax does it perfectly with their technological innovation, creating value from BNB slippage and price moves by arbitraging third party tokens.

PancakeSwap doesn’t have a Uni V3 license while liquidity on Ethereum has already moved from V2 to V3.

WoWMax is not a fork, and is built with cutting-edge technological and innovative ideas.

The best results only happen on the WoWMax platform!


Liquidity Migration
To attract liquidity from PancakeSwap, WoWMax has built the https://monkeyswap.exchange and changed the trading fee model to make it more attractive for both Traders and Liquidity Providers. Giving Liquidity to MonkeySwap is as safe as giving it to PancakeSwap but comes with insane benefits!

Decreased trading fees from 0.25% to 0.1% on major tokens to incentivise DEX Traders.
Increased trading rewards from 0.25% to 1% to make Liquidity Providers happy.

WoWMax spending plan
The developers will be pouring 500,000$ into Marketing to attract Pancakeswap’s LPs
Add 1,000,000$ into the DEFI/USDT pool and lock it
Use 1,500,000$ to support the LIQUIDITY MIGRATION program and $DEFI in the first hours!


Project Links:
Monkey - https://monkeyswap.exchange
Telegram - https://t.me/wowmaxexchange
Twitter - https://twitter.com/WowmaxExchange
Website - https://wowswap.io/

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 26, 2022