You can use Bored Ape Yacht Club or Desperate Ape Wives to get a 100k $DEFI allocation for BAYC and respectively 500 $DEFI for DAW.

WOWMax holds the first ever token sale where participants can pay with NFTs (too) BAYC and DAW!

Every WOW Universe DeFi and GameFi project will adopt the $DEFI utility and governance token. The WoW Universe Treasury allocates up to 10 million $DEFIs to each new project that accepts them as governance and utility tokens!

$DEFI becomes the primary token for WOWMax and WOWSwap.

The DEFI token economy is built on a deflationary paradigm, which calls for a constant decrease in the market's supply of tokens, hence raising the value and uniqueness of each token.

Starting this week, all projects in the WOWMax DEFI ecosystem will be able to generate money through NFT communities and take investments in digital art.

The $DEFI Sale
WOWMax are pure innovators, not only their aggregation system is light years beyond any swap in the blockspace, but now they have gone and blown our minds again with the FIRST EVER Token Sale where you can participate and purchase $DEFI with NFTs.

You can use Bored Ape Yacht Club or Desperate Ape Wives to get a 100k $DEFI allocation for BAYC and respectively 500 $DEFI for DAW.

The WOWMax team also accepts traditional tokens, so be hasty and get your DEFI token while it lasts, the price increases every 100k $DEFI Sold.

Creating an Universe for all projects to feel at home!
The WOW Universe financial system is set up to consider the interests of many economic agents who might own DEFI, such as liquidity providers, traders, borrowers, Gamefi players, and Metaverse residents. Through the use of a special deflationary model, the interests of holders and stakeholders are taken into account.

WOW Universe is prepared to grow quickly by absorbing external DeFi/GameFi projects that are prepared to use DEFI for governance. Tokens set aside for future initiatives are kept safe in the WOW Universe Treasury, which is managed by DEFI DAO, the project team, and blockchain associations from top universities like Pennsylvania State, INSEAD, London School of Economics, etc.

$DEFI serves as both a governance and utility token for the entire WOW Universe.

Each new project that accepts the DEFI token as a governance and utility token receives up to 10 million DEFIs from the WOW Universe Treasury.

WOWMax party with BAYC and DAW on an actual Yacht!
A great party was post-launch of the $DEFI Sale where BAYC and DAW Holders had free entry. WOWMax is preparing a lot of surprises for now it’s a secret but an anthem and a music video may or may not be in the works!


With every update we are strapped in our seats with our jaws dropped. WOWMax never ceases to amaze us with all their crazy innovations and insane ideas (in a good way of course).

Get your $DEFI Token at https://wowmax.exchange/public_sale/ and join the WOW Universe early, you won’t regret it.

Project Links
Telegram - https://t.me/wowmaxexchange
Twitter - https://twitter.com/WowmaxExchange
Website - https://wowswap.io/

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Sep 18, 2022