With a Team backed by industry leaders such as Emin from AVAX, Natalia Ameline (Vitalik Buterin’s Mother), Binance Smart Chain and many more.

WoWMaX - The most efficient SWAP ever created!

WoWMaX is the most innovative, record-breaking, cutting-edge, efficient DeFi protocol for exchanging non-stable digital assets. With the help of unparalleled arbitrage technology, WoWMaX offers traders way better exchange rates on their swaps than any DEX currently existing on any Blockchain.

The execution of large swaps on any decentralized exchange has always had the same problem, the price slippage of assets. As usual, people were used to paying more than the current market price because of slippage.

A liquidity provider deposits liquidity on a DEX as a pair of two assets, such as ETH and USDT (referred to as a "pool"). Two assets in the pool should always have values that are equal to one another.

The DEX only has access to the quantity of each currency in the pool in order to determine the internal DEX pricing of assets; it is unaware of the market prices of those assets. Traders can send USDT to the DEX to buy ETH after the liquidity is made available, and vice versa.

Arbitrageurs adjust internal DEX pricing to match those of the market.

During big volume trades, the price of ETH would go up, which creates slippage, also called price impact and thus every extra purchased ETH is more expensive than the previous one.

The WoWMaX Solution
WoWMaX solves this problem by performing onchain triangular arbitrage, giving traders the opportunity to gain more out of their swaps and making large trades on DEXs way more profitable than they ever were.

With a Team backed by industry leaders such as Emin from AVAX, Natalia Ameline (Vitalik Buterin’s Mother), Binance Smart Chain and many more, WoWMaX stands out of the crowd through their sheer innovation and vision to give investors the ability to always make more on their trades.

The developers are working on a long-term Roadmap which will implement and officially launch the WoWMaX Protocol to all users worldwide and much more.

With the Liquidity Migration program and the awesome $DEFI Token, the team hopes to attract liquidity providers and customers away from all the less-efficient competitors. WoWMaX is results oriented, and actions speak way louder than any words, and we have gotten proof time and time again that their swaps always bring thousands of dollars into trader’s pockets compared to any other DEX available on the Blockchain.

Project Links:
Telegram - https://t.me/wowmaxexchange
Twitter - https://twitter.com/WowmaxExchange
Website - https://wowswap.io/

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 21, 2022