The WOW Universe Treasury allots up to 10 million DEFIs to each new project that accepts DEFI token as a governance and utility token.

WOWMax token from $WUT to $DEFI and some insane AVAX Aggregation showcases!

It seems that WOWMax never sleeps, and that is quite correct. On top of building one of the most innovative never-before-seen technologies into a DEX Aggregator that will make everyone rich, they are also expanding their ecosystem and looking for new opportunities to engage and please the community.


The $DEFI Token
All WOW Universe DeFi/GameFi projects use the governance and utility token $DEFI. Every new project that accepts the $DEFI token as a governance and utility token receives an allotment of up to 10 million $DEFIs from the WoW Universe Treasury! The main token for WOWMax and WOWSwap will be $DEFI from now on as opposed to $WUT.

The token economy of DEFI is based on a deflationary paradigm, which calls for a continuous reduction in the market's quantity of tokens, hence increasing the token's value and uniqueness.

Due to fluctuations in the price of one of the assets, the platform offers a singular opportunity to arbitrage different coins while exchanging one asset for another. In order to purchase DEFI back from Uniswap and resell it to a trader, WOWMAX will engage in contract arbitrage utilizing 50% of the CEV.

WOWMax with Avalanche
We have already written about the technical marvel the WOWMax aggregator is when it comes to swapping ETH. The development team is expanding their reach with AVAX and because there is less competition on Avalanche, the Alpha exhibits incredible efficiency. Even with lower quantities, #WOWMAX will release 20% more tokens than #1inch on Avalanche.

The WOW Universe
The financial system of WOW Universe is designed to take into account the interests of different economic agents who may hold DEFI, including liquidity providers, traders, debtors, Gamefi players, and Metaverse residents. The interests of holders and stakeholder are taken into consideration via a unique deflationary model.

By incorporating external DeFi/GameFi projects ready to embrace DEFI for governance, WOW Universe is poised to rapidly expand. The WOW Universe Treasury, which is run by DEFI DAO, the project team, and blockchain associations from prestigious colleges like Pennsylvania State, INSEAD, London School of Economics, etc., is where tokens set aside for upcoming initiatives are kept secure.

Grant Allocation by WOW Universe
For the entire WOW Universe, $DEFI is a utility and governance token.

The WOW Universe Treasury allots up to 10 million DEFIs to each new project that accepts DEFI token as a governance and utility token.

In a single aggregating transaction, WOWmax generates and seizes arbitrage opportunities for assets traded both against ETH and stablecoins and oh boy we are excited about it as we had listened very closely what WOWDegen (the CEO) had to say about this technology in our latest monthly Twitter Spaces.
We can only say one thing, brace yourselves because nothing will be the same once the system goes live!

Project Links:
Telegram - https://t.me/wowmaxexchange
Twitter - https://twitter.com/WowmaxExchange
Website - https://wowswap.io/

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Sep 8, 2022